Oh - I'm So Tired

I got up today- as I do every day at 06:00
I washed - fed cats - and redied myself to go round dads house.
Got round there at 09:15- done bins, grocery shopping - vacuumed - got dinner - and washed up dishes.
It's now 15:40
I've got two clients to see - I run a business installing home cinema equipment.
That's gonna take me till about 19:00
Come home-
Do some washing in the machine
Get dry washing in from outside
Prepare and cook dinner for myself and my wife
Wash those bits up
Eat dinner
Have a shower
Run a bath for my wife
By that time - it's gonna be at least 22:00
If I can watch an hour of tv
Tidy house - shut windows and doors etc
23:30 or later
00:00 clean teeth
00:15-00:30 get into bed - to get up at 06:30 tomorrow

And I wonder why I am tired ?!!

Mark xx

expressomarkie expressomarkie
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Add to that - an argument with my wife. A slammed and broken back door, and a lot of shouting, and crying- all in all- one completly f**ked up day !!