• Woke up at 6:30

  • got my clothes together and cleaned up

  • (mother made me wear a heavy rain-proof jacket over the sleeveless sweater i was already wearing)

  • *uh oh, it had started to rain*

  • had to go out at 8:00 when the rain ended and that too, on a van, (because mother said she wasn't going to wash my clothes on their very first day if i cycled to the PAF selection centre in rain)

  • found my friend angry as i was half an hour late(although there still remained an hour and fifteen in the test)

  • then we studied from the book another friend had lent me

  • then after a veeeeeery long time(during which we stood in a queue and sun came out and my sweater went into my bag),

  • we were called inside

  • a man gave a presentation on a wall about how to do the test.

  • then he told us to go sit in front of the computers which were lying along the length of the hall

  • every computer started to get occupied before i reached it

  • then i went for the last one and another kid said"will u please let me?"

  • i said okay and stood back.

  • so me and the others which couldn't get a computer were made to wait even more

  • finally, after half an hour, my name was called and i was given a computer beside a window

  • so it started

  • first the intelligence test(me, intelligent? lol)

  • the verbal one went okay but the pictorial one was a drag, i left a few questions

  • but i qualified

  • then physics

  • i felt like i would fail at the start

  • but as it progressed, i got good

  • qualified

  • now MATH

  • and tell you what,

  • i did it great! at math... wow

  • qualified

  • english

  • qualified in less than half the given time

  • :)

  • went down and took my bag

  • gave the data entry operator some details

  • waited for my friend(man, he had went inside before me and still wasn't done)

  • he qualified too

  • when we were finally done, we went to a nearby fast food shop and had burgers. i paid.

  • he had to buy a new casing for his cell

  • so we went to a roadside stall

  • the shopkeeper said it would be 180

  • we paid 60 :)

  • and i bought a casing for my cell too. mine would have been in 190, i paid 60 too.

  • don't ask me how, just talk a lot and they will cut it down big time... the pathans are always like that

  • empty wallet

  • got back home using on my no. 11(ask me what it means)

  • now on ep and having lunch

  • :)

  • u have a good day too.

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7 Responses Feb 24, 2010

hehe, what can i say, she's a cute clever cat :)<br />
Thank you, everyone. Love ya.

Hehe, AP, lorraine already guessed it

yeah! i guess its a pretty common joke then? because when i mention the no. 11 to my friends, they think i'm talking about a van with route no. 11. hehe<br />
I hope that goes well too. i'm a bit scared though.

Very well done ! good luck with the medical and keep us informed.<br />
<br />
11 means you walked home?

I'm a punjabi who doesn't speak punjabi

NO! i'm not pathan. The shopkeeper was. They give great discounts.<br />
Ain't u gonna ask me what no.11 is?

yeah... now there is a medical tomorrow