Its been a while and this has been on my mind a lot so Im sharing and I know its not a great story but its my memories and I just wanted to share. MY grandparents on my mothers side were both indians and I would tell the 2 tribes but I cant spell them. we use to go see them every weekend on saturday and stay over night then go home sunday. anyway they were so very clean but I really remember old bossie who I cried every time they sat me on her and she was so gentle and I still dont know why I was so scared of her. then the pot belly wood stove in the small front room and how grandma would make to spittune golden colored can. I have never smoked and dont like it but to watch her it was a true picture of art. and then the kitchen wood stove where she cooked the most fantastic food I have ever eaten. Her bread and fried chicken were out of the world wow I mean so tasty. And of course beans she could sure make many different kinds and I love these food to this day. then the biscuits and gravy next morning wow more fantastic food. I loved those trips. Then she would always let me go thru her trunk and pick out hand stitched things. I had those blankets and table runners and more all thru raising 10 kids but when I divorced my second husband I lost it all but they were well worn out but cant loose them if they are in my memories. And memories continue long after material things. Sorry this was so long. Oh and my mother never learned to cook and neither did I lol. hugs sharon

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oh my yes I have been doing a lot of that as I just have been having so many things going wrong in my life and this world is just not my cup of tea any more I had some of my family working thru tribulations and now its all up in the air again. I am so stressed and depressed I have not even come into my favorite place EP. thanks wiseowl I sure needed this today you are my angel. hugs sharon

Yes silvercoins..the world can sadden us.Maybe that's why some of us try to recall a happy moment or space of time, when we were little. There can be humor and funny memories..a nice event..we smile a private smile. "I remember", we whisper to ourself.

wow that is a great memory I to remember small smells and pictures I see bring back lots of great memories. this is great memories cant be taken from us. the world is b ad but our memories are great. hugs sharon

I was about 10 when my Gran took me to see her Uncle.He lived in North Webster Indiana. The little house was very old, judging from the style. All wood, porch and floors original..sort of run down.The living room looked like an old timey parlor.Charlie was his name.Old and skinny, button down collar on a flannel shirt.While he and my Gran talked, I saw OLD pictures on his plain walls. Old locomotives from his railroad days.Horsedrawn wagons..I wonder who the passengers were. A tin type of his gran..a Cherokee squaw. She was frowning and scary to me! I heard many stories about HER! I can smell Charlie's pipe and that "dusty" aroma from old wood. That was the best adventure a 10 yr. old me could have been blessed with!

I will ladee I have a few more but have to been in a good mood to write much lol. I will soon I have one about my dad that will be next. hugs sharon

thanks lady that was some very young memories. Love to look back and share when I can hugs sharon

thank you wiseowl yes old memories are so good and they cant take that away from us lol hugs sharon

I love your story.It's amazing what small details we remember.The old ways are cozy and comforting. People didn't have to be wealthy to leave a lasting legacy, of warmth and love. I love old fashioned cooking too. Actually they used lard in cooking but it taste good and fried chicken got so crispy. My Mom used Crisco lard and bacon fat. Imagine that today? No chance. Memories go on till we close our eyes, in our last sleep. You have a treasure there!