When The Blues Drives You...

For months, me and my friend Fabio were looking for some people to play some blues with, and sometimes we were just me (bass) him (guitar) and a "impromptu" drummer.

Just sitting and play, 20-minutes songs with the same 12 bar blues, lot of great moments, and the blues..

We found a drummer that was good enough, not like we were great musicians, but he introduced a friend of him to us, this guy played keyboards and he was really good at it.
So I called my brother, he can sing and play harmonica, so the band was ready, and we were having fun playing  the blues.

..But then..there is some people that can play the blues but cannot feel it...
..so we started playing all kind of songs, great blues songs, but without improvisation, so it was the same to play any other kind of music.. there wasn't any more that feeling... "hey guys.. in the key of E.. 1..2...1,2,3,4.."

And I don't know how this things work in life, but it seems that the true spirit of what you're doing drives you towards the right road, and although there were only me and Fabio looking for people, those people kicked us out of the band, saying that if we want to play we have to play blues songs just the way they are.. same bars etc..

...well, me and Fabio have to start again, and I think we didn't loose anything, but we understood what kind of people we need ... "to get the highway and keep playing our blues".
CrookedMat CrookedMat
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Well Mat I get what you are saying. Where are you and your guitar playing friend? Do you still have that "impromptu" drummer?

ahah.. tnks for the answer.. we're in Italy, and I hope things are going to be better!

Yes I would hope so. I am State side (US) and would love to find others who want to jam on some blues. What could be more fun? Besides sex that is. ;-)