The Giver - By Lois Lowry

This small book has a large impact on me. So far it has intrigued me, entertained me, and drawn me in. It won many awards for its unique style, and original story, such as ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and the Regina Medal.

Things are starting to happen now that Jonas has turned 12. In a society with a culture of order and sameness, people are rarely singled out. Jonas has found himself at center stage.

The deftly painted picture of this society and all encompassing obsession with 'goodness' seems to be at the core of the book, so I am eager to get back to it, and see what happens to Jonas next.

Check it out if you get a chance, this is a really good book for young people as well as those of us who say "I'm a kid at heart".

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Thanks for sharing this. :)

Only book I've read at least sixteen times. I'm absolutely in love.

finder, I am glad to hear of another fan of this book, thanks for commenting!

Right on, HappySailor!

I LOVE THIS BOOK. I read it in eighth grade for school. Then I read it again this year. Then I got it on audio book on my ipod and I listen to it sometimes when I can't think of what else I'd like to do.

Good stuff!!!!<br />
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Thank You!

Anytime! You know having children they bring home book orders and there are some truly wonderful, inspiring books for them that are equally as good a read for adults too!

Absolutely. <br />
There is deep meaning and some lessons to be learned in it...I would call thought provoking as well!<br />
I am lucky to have stumbled upon it.<br />
Happy to see another review of the book. Thanks, theredlady!

I read this! I bought it for my son, but I loved reading this book. It was such a thought provoking book! Almost written to a point where the age group it's written for might miss the true meaning inscribed between the lines.