Clan Of The Cave Bear- By Jean M Auel

Clan of the Cave Bear is this first book in an absolutely stunning series called Earth's Children. I've read the series many times, but I am currently doing it again, starting with the first. My father gave my mother a hardback copy of Clan of the Cave Bear back in the 80's (yeah it's pretty old) as a gift. Since then, my mom and I have read it so many times that it's stained and has pages falling out which has forced me to buy a soft cover copy so we can read it without the copy she recieved as a special gift falling apart anymore.

The series starts, as I said, with Clan of the Cave Bear, which depicts the begining of Alay's, the heroin's, life. As a very small girl Ayla is the only survivor of a horrific prehistoric earthquake which takes away everything and everyone she loves. Too young to have been taught yet what plants to eat and how to make a fire, she wanders alone and afraid for a time only to be rescued at the last possible moment by Iza, the medicine woman of a neanderthal tribe which is looking for a new home after the same earthquake that took Ayla's village destroyed their cave. In her time with Iza and her Clan, Ayla must learn a new and complicated language spoken with the hands and body, new customs, and new ways of behaving.

Ayla lives her early life with neanderthals, which teaches her things that she would never have known and gives her a substantial insight that she never would have developed had she grown up with her own kind of people. However, no matter how she tries, Ayla is different than them in a way that she cannot change. This creates a great deal of conflict with the headman of the tribe Brun's son, Broud. The series of events that make up Ayla's early life will keep your heart pounding. Ayla deveops into a loving and strong person with her surrogate family of Iza and her brother Creb who is the Mog-ur or holy man of the tribe and some other additions to their little family who come along during the course of Ayla's time with the Clan.

The book is insightful, inspiring, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Auel creates a beautifully detailed picture of the life, rituals, sex, relationships, and tragedies of those living during the harsh Stone Ages. Much of her books are based on extensive research, but she imaginatively creates the parts that we don't have information on in the modern day world. Auel forces you with her detailed and lifelike descriptions to believe that you are really there with Ayla on her exciting and suspensful adventures every step of the way. Her world becomes beautiful and wondrous and you won't want to put the book down and have to come back to the real world.

I beg you to read this book and the rest of the series which depicts more of Ayla's adventures and incredible discoveries with a new and close friend. No one I know has really read it and it is by far the most exciting and my favorite of all time (and I've read more books than  I can count so that's saying something). These books are totally different than anything else you've ever read. Plus it's totally worth it because after the first book, you'll be treated to a lot of sex in the rest of the series. 

Note: Clan of the Cave Bear was made into a movie at some point. If you have seen the movie, don't judge the book by it. If you haven't seen the movie, just don't. It's awful and could not possibly portray the very important nuances that really make the book special.

Also, cool group. I love talking about books and my boyfriend doesn't really want to hear about them so I have to tell SOMEONE.

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This is possibly the best review of this book I have seen, telling what the story is about without spoiling any of the plot.