Why I Love Reading

A few days age, I was required to undertake a train journey to visit an ailing relative in a different state. This time, my travelling companion was an ageing copy of "Many Lives Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss - a book I have read a hundred times before. It was early evening, and I was wrapped loosely in my fluffy, lilac woolen sweater. As I eased back into the window seat, a butter-colored ray of the setting sun struck the yellowing pages of my book, turning them to the warmest ocher. I sat still for a moment, savoring the heat as it caressed the cockles of my heart. For that one moment, my very heart stopped beating... my brain suspended its thoughts, and this... this beauteous, gold-encrusted, magical instant etched itself into my memory, like a 'teardrop in the palm of eternity'. I let my eyelids drop (incidentally, a very unwise thing to do on a public train in India).... peace.... bliss.... contentment..... flooded me from within. I experienced a thought-singularity in which past, present and future converged into 'now'. When I reopened my eyes, a drop of bliss lay on my cheek.
cameronr cameronr
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012