My Favorite Childhood Books

I remember that when I was very little I ONLY wanted to at first read books that had pictures in it

But then I also remember this teacher ask me "Why don't you get another book that is a little bit more challenging?" And I was like "Because it doesn't have pictures" So she went on about how some of the greatest books don't always have pictures. She challenged me to get a book that had no pictures.

The first book I read that had no pictures was "Charley and the Chocolate Factory" I loved that book. After that I was hooked! I then got "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ"  I used to like those type of fantasy books. I also enjoyed reading mystery books such as "Nancy Drew"  I really liked those Shel Sylverstines Poem Books too.

I'm so glad that teacher challenged me to explore and read nice books.
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Oh yeah... that was the best time. We could spend as much time as we liked reading easy and entertaining story-books and no one would say a thing. I still love the Wizard of Oz - it's very symbolic. And Nancy Drew is good for distracting times (like a bus journey) when you can't read anything difficult. I can finish one book in about two hours and its easy and fun!

yes! I still enjoy reading...but sadly I dont always have time to read books for fun :( I do read a lot of blogs and websites online though. And when I go to school my textbooks. But I kinda miss taking the bus and reading...Sometimes I would get so into what I was reading that would even miss my exit : O LOL I should really make more time to read....