my previous entry, yes. i mean, i really like him, okay. but there are times when i feel like he likes me back because it shows, and sometimes i feel like i meant nothing to him because... i just don't know. sigh. okay so maybe i'm somehow insecure. maybe he likes skinnier girls. prettier ones. but i don't care. if i like him, then i like him. if he likes me back, that's awesome. but honestly, i am not dreaming of that. it would be nice to know if he does likes me back, but it's fine if he doesn't. like, i can't get everything i want, right? hmkay. so i don't have a good title for this and i'm talking randomly. but it's just me, you know. :) hahaha i seem so weird. i just want to share this. i'll update you guys soon what happened to us, if we ever get to confess what we feel for each other. i honestly like my life to have no secrets. i mean, i'm open to anything to talk about. :) and yes, i'd like you all to know how awesome he is. he just makes me feel very happy every time. and he's such a gentleman too. nowadays, guys forget about respect. not all, i say. but some.and i'm glad that he stays good. i hope i get to say these to him sometime. :) there was this awkward conversation of us like, last june, when we were just starting out as friends. i don't know how it began but we just kept chatting about how good he is and he told me how good i am. you know what? in that moment, i feel like i'm gonna jump out of my skin. it's weird and freaky, you know? hahaha. :) we're so open to each other. it's like we've known each other for a looooong time. but it has just been eight months since we've met. sometimes i call him "dad" when we're talking. though i'm older that him, twenty-nine days to be exact. so there. talk about me being so random again! yep -- giddyup! :)
ErinValcourt ErinValcourt
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013