Stool Mama

I saw this on TV couple weeks ago, its quite inspiring. So I googled it and share to you guys. Sorry can't find the vid from Youtube, so images would do.

Stool Mama
"The 55-year-old Xu, losing her legs in an accident three decades ago, devotes herself to raising the children in the social welfare institute that sheltered her. In the past 37 years, Xu has raised over 130 children, who love to call her "Stool Mama" for the way she walks. She never regrets her decision, saying it is only her duty and pleasure to look after these children"


I think we can learn from her, don't you think? Even though she lost her legs, she show compassion that I'm afraid many people who perfectly healthy lacking of.
We should be grateful with our life, no matter how bitter it is now (or was). Just keep going and keep show love to other, in any capacity you able to.
Today's world become such a graceless age, your love and kindness would make difference, a little maybe, but still count.
Thank you for read this and give some thought :)
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5 Responses Feb 4, 2012

What an amazing, inspirational story, I needed to read that today. Thank you so much for sharing this.

For one so young, your choice of stories show amazing insight, wisdom and spirit. I applaud both you and the woman in the story. I believe it takes a courageous and good person to recognize and bring attention to one! Kudos to you.

Thank you for kind words. Have a great day :)

Great you posted the story, Great I learnt about her, I got a long way to go

You're welcome and I wish you luck, love, and happiness :)

Wow, you can find your worth in the world regardless of your handicaps. No matter what they are. Thanks

You're right, you'll find a way no matter what, I hope you can make it in your life, too *hugs*

Hats off to this marvellous lady!!

Yes, she is. Lovely story to teach not to give up because our limitation. Thanks for drop by and commented :)