What does perseverance mean? Perseverance means continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties,failure,or opposition. What does it mean to persevere? To persevere means to persist in a state,enterprise,or undertaking in spite of counter influences,opposition,or discouragement. Here are some of the ways that I was able to persevere and overcome life's challenges to become a victor and not to be a victim. There have been so many ways that I have persevered over this 17+ years that I have been paralyzed that there are almost too many ways to count. The first time that I had to persevere any obstacles or challenges was when I was in shock trauma from things such as pneumonia, depression,fevers that were so high that they had to pack my armpits with ice,pack my groin with ice,give me an alcohol bath and I also suffered from unbearable chronic nerve pain from my sternum to my toes and from my shoulders to my finger tips which felt like I had beeb doused with gasoline and lit on fire with a match. Then I went on to a new hospital unit which was called a transitional care unit, so that they could wean me off the ventilator, because  Good Samaritan Hospital where I wanted to do my rehab they didn't take patients on the ventilator. I was there for two months and they had me on a regular hospital bed mattress that I was suppose to be turned every two hours,but they did not turn me properly so I ended up with a 6 inch round bedsore that went down to the bone. Then I developed pneumonia  and one day I got a mucous plug in my lung which caused my lung to collapse,so they had to rush me to Howard County Memorial Hospital. Fortunately  they got my lung to reinflate, so I was there for a month and my mother called good Samaritan Hospital Rehab to talk to the charge nurse to see if she would let me come to the rehab floor seeing how I was off the ventilator for between 18 and 20 hours a day.Fortunately they made the decision that would allow me to go to Good Samaritan Hospital  and participate in rehab just a few days later. I arrived at Good Samaritan Hospital  in the evening, so in the morning when the doctors were making their morning rounds they came into my room to check on me. The doctor that was in charge said,"why is he on the ventilator?" Then they were ordered to take me off the ventilator and from that day forward I was no longer on the ventilator. They had  a plastic surgeon come in to evaluate the wound that I had on my sacral area and he decided to do what was called a muscle flap to close my wound. Unfortunately I was on bed rest for the first four weeks,so all they could do was range of motion  with my arms and legs. After the four weeks of bed rest my wound had totally healed, so the doctor allowed me to start sitting up  in small increments such as an hour to two hours a day. Once I was able to sit for 5 to 10 hours a day they really worked me out in rehab by doing range of motion that caused me great pain due to the fact that it hurt just to be touched  plus it caused me to have  great exhaustion and I also had an  occupational therapist who taught me how to use the computer by using only  a mouth stick.I was at Good Samaritan Hospital for a total of two months which went by very fast. I was  there during Thanksgiving,so my mother made a feast for all of my nurses, CNA's and doctors to eat with me. When I was getting ready to go home they took me down to the physical therapy room and when I turned the corner the whole staff was there including my nurses, doctors, physical therapist and my occupational therapist , because they were all there to throw me a going home party. I don't know how much care the other patients got that day, because it seemed like the whole hospital was in the room with me while we were eating cake and opening the presents that all the staff that got me. The next challenge that I faced was going home and knowing that I no longer had  the call light to call the nurses when I needed them, but only had my mother who was sleeping  in the living room.It was scary being alone at home at first, because it seemed like life was over for me at first. I had to persevere through the depression, anxiety and stress that I was feeling  and due to the fact that I was no longer being surrounded by the nurses, doctors and other hospital staff. I had severe depression, because of the fact that I went from being a total able bodied man to being  unable to do anything for myself other than to think,talk,and breathe. Don't get me wrong I am not taking for granted the fact that I am still able to talk,think  and breathe, because I know that there are other people out there that have things worse such as living on a ventilator or being a vegetable which means all that you can do is lay there and not be able to communicate with your loved ones or anyone else. I started going to Maryland Rehab, so that they could teach me further on how to use the computer to get me prepared to go to college,so I could get a bachelors degree in graphic design so that I would be able to take care of myself. While I was going to school to learn how to use the computer better. I had to take public transportation which was an adventure in itself. One time I was riding home during the summer and the bus broke down, so the driver took me and another gentleman off the bus and left us on the curb in the middle of Baltimore city which was a bad place to be if you were able bodied and white let alone completely paralyzed and in a wheelchair while being white. I was so scared that someone would come up to us and rob us and then kill us, so that we would not be able to testify on who committed the crime. After waiting two years for the legal process to go through to get my settlement when the day finally came for me to be paid I was happier than a pig in mud. I decided to quit college and move down to Orlando, Florida to open up my own tattoo shop. I had to persevere for one year while I waited for the city commission to allow my buildings zoning to be changed from a hair salon to a tattoo shop. I had to go through so many processes, jump through so many hurdles and filled out so much paperwork during that first year while I was waiting for the city to decide on whether they would change the zoning or not that it was almost not worth the wait .I held on to the hope that the city would change its mind and after one year they finally made the final decision then the paperwork was filed so that I could turn the hair salon into a tattoo shop.Due to being so thin from losing approximately 50 pounds after my injury from depression I was sick so often that I was unable to be at the shop,which made running a business very hard. Due to the fact that tattoo shops are a cash business plus from me being away so much money was walking and I was losing so much money from having to buy the supplies for the shop, pay the electric bill and also the water bill it wasn't worth having a business. After two years I wanted a bigger house, so I decided to move out to Windermere, Florida and  I had my house painted by this gentleman named Patrick who was a Christian and brought his Bible to work every day. While he painted he prayed for me and after about two weeks he asked me to go to church with him one Sunday and I told him that I would go with him. It just so happened that it was the last time that Benny Hinn would preach in Orlando, Florida and the service lasted four hours.The service seemed like it lasted only 10 minutes and even though there were approximately 5000 people in the service it seemed like it was only me, the pastor and God. The message that was preached seemed like it was meant for me and only me, because everything that was said was happening in my life at that time. After service we went out to lunch and then once we got home I asked Patrick to lead me to the lord, so we said the sinners prayer and I gave my life to Jesus Christ that day. The next day I went to my tattoo shop to tell the guys that we were no longer going to be in business and they were really upset with me. I told them that they would not understand, but I had an experience with Jesus Christ and he would want me to close the shop. I told them that they had two hours to gather everything that they owned that was in my shop and get it out or if they didn't I would call the police and have them and their things removed from the premises. I got a confirmation from God that I did the right thing by closing my tattoo shop, because a week after I closed my shop I got a cash offer for my building for $250,000 which covered the cost of the building and all the money I lost while we were in business.Some of the other things that I had to persevere in life were life threatening illnesses, such as pneumonia,mercer and other infections that nearly ended my life. I also had several problems with my family which led to them verbally attacking me and my caregivers so much that I made the decision to move out on my own which has been a struggle at times. I have had to persevere changing nurses, because some of them were very nasty and were  not doing what they needed to do to take proper care of me,my dog,and my home. Things had become so bad between me and my family that my mother stopped talking to me, my mother and sister kept my niece Kaya from me and I had to take my brother to court to sue him for the money that I had loaned them to buy his home that he still owes me. I also had to persevere money problems, such as having to pay back taxes because of having employees and taking taxes out of their checks and in January of 2012 one of my annuity companies took $2800 out of January's payment because they over paid me for several months in 2011. I have persevered all these things and you can also persevere anything that you face. You just have to trust in God and know that you can do anything with Christ who strengthens you. Always remember that God will never leave you nor forsake you and he will never give you anything more than you can handle, because he is a loving and just God.
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I hope you find peace.