Hope Remains

A profound darkness stretches over the sky. The hope of tomorrow extinguished completely from my soul. Hours became torture. Minutes were an eternity of anguish and despair. This situation continued to be my reality day after day and life seemed to be passing me by. Quietly but undoubtedly there remained a small ember of hope that continued to burn and sustain me. There were many moments were my life seemed to be pushing me closer and closer to an untimely demise. Still, there was something that inspired me enough to live.
Without friends, without family, I felt my world collapsing. This situation was what I felt. I was unaware that the there were people who cared for me. My mind was complete darkness and in the dark you cannot see what is close or nearby.
For 10 years a complete decade I felt as if I was in a hopeless situation. I really did not see why I should continue to live. I always have had a strong faith in God and in Goodness. This was my oar to help endure the turbulent waters of life. After this ten year period I began finding many reasons to smile and genuinely enjoy my life again. I then began listening to a broadway called Les Miserables. It inspired me to read the novel by Victor Hugo. Finally, I encountered two main characters. These characters abolished most of the sadness and despair. I returned to playing basketball and working out. I am finding more and more strength each day. The residue remains. The impact is indelible. I battle depression and anxiety still.However, they do not control my life anymore. I realize there is evil and bad things do happen in this world. I fight for the good and as one of my favorite scenes from a film includes: "it is worth fighting for!"
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You have a very strong voice in your writing. That gave me chills!. <br />
<br />
Simon, from Lord of the Flies influenced me, like you were influenced; frankly, taking sides in war, kills us, more then simon was killed.