Burning Desire For Success (pep Talk)

You see it you feel it its moving around inside of you, it has your blood pumping but do you cherish it believe in it desire it own it. Are you afraid of it is it foreign to you, stagnant. The quiet before the storm then all of a sudden BOOM!!!! Now yore running you can see it. Up to this moment all of your hopes all of your dreams, all of your ambitions. Meet right here. Its a fight noone ever said it was going to be easy. Challenge yourself, set goals meet them set. Hit the ground running in full force. There is a wall you have to break down and you can't do it standing still you can't do it walking you can't do it by looking at it. You're the wrecking ball you're in control you know good and well you have to drop that shoulder and push your way through. Surprise your enemy don't run at your enemy run through your enemy like he stole life from you. You made a decision, you saw the light. The tunnel is only getting shorter and if you don't have an exit plan you are stuck. Its no option to go back the other way no option to look back because is soon as you do you will be laying faced down in your own dissappointment. You make the decision grow through hurt grow through sorrow grow through short comings because you have what it takes you're strong POWERFUL fearless now go for it breathe for it live for it S-U-C-C-E-S-S
thecoffeeman thecoffeeman
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 3, 2012

Wow good pep talk, made me feel like getting up and achieving something :)