Written In The Girls Bathroom At School. It's Quite Inspirational, If I Do Say So Myself.


Maybe not as much as a story as a bunch of random facts.


If bananahs and mangos could talk, I believe they would tell alright stories,

15 minutes 'till I'm outta here. My hands are numb. Stole a bottle of robitussin from Publix haha but it in my bra. Hey, that rhymed so it must be true. I just relized something. The world needs chubby chasers otherwise, fat people would never get dates. They need love too. I feel like I should be writing. I was sitting outside, smoking a cigarette and then I noticed the smoke had a shadow. Then I looked around. Everything had a shadow so if it has a shadow it must be real, right? So are there ever shadows in dreams? Okay, I'm not going to my french exam. There's no way I'll do well. So I'm sitting in the bathroom. I'm too sober. It's a very unpleasent feeling. This black girl just walked into the bathroom and she's talking to herself. She says, "Oh, my hair looks bad." amd now she's rummaging around in her purse, I think. I don't know. I can't see from inside of this bathroom stall but I can hear. She speaks to herself again and now, she is gone. Interesting people here at this school. Interesting and loud. Another girl just entered and she is banging around. When she walks, she drags her feet loudly. She's prolly black. Black girls tend to be loud. She leaves. Alas, I still am not alone. Another being enters and then leaves quickly. Strange. I just found a spider. I shall name him Hubart Cumberdale.He keeps my company in here. Oh, the sinks they run, the girls, they ****, their hands, they flush, footsteps, rummaging through purses. This is what one heres while skipping in the girl's bathroom. It's expected though. I want to find a something in here. A surprise, perhaps? Sometimes, I sit in here playing the harmonica and the girls who walk in are like, "what the ****?" I want to be the one saying what the **** and then write about it. It's so uninteresting here.

starnostarr starnostarr
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2010