The One-legged Bird

Today, as I was leaving the supermarket I spotted a little bird hopping around near the door to the cafe area (obviously scavenging for food). 

It was a little Starling.  The reason it stood out to me only had one leg. 

Can you imagine? 

In the process of collecting and buying my groceries, my mind had been filled with my worries and problems.  "What to do about such and such."  "How to go about sorting this thing out".  Worrying and fretting and frowning and sighing.

Then I spotted this little bird.  A bird going about its business as normally as all the other birds.  No thought towards its disability. 

Yet, this little bird is a survivor.  After all it survived the winter, can avoid the neighbourhood cats, foxes and other wildlife.

If this little bird can thrive, and live a good life, then surely I can do the same thing.  I don't have half the problems of this little one-legged bird.

Opalgem Opalgem
36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 22, 2010

This reminds me of this little one legged bird that used to live in my backyard. My mom named him Hoppy and she fed him everyday. He really was an inspirational little guy.. it's unfortunate that one day my mom found him dead in the backyard.. well she kept him alive for a long time in my opinion. She's got a big heart & that bird never failed to make me smile.

Sometimes we are busy with our own problems and we don't even realize that others have more serious problems in life. Generally, people tend to compare themselves to those who are in a better position or situation.<br />
When we feel sorry for ourselves let's just look at those people for a second who starve in developing countries and then we can see our problems are not that big of a deal anymore.<br />
Opalgem, I would love to have your inspirational story up on We have this type of inspirational stories up there and it would fit in perfectly.<br />
Let me know what you think, cheers.

I've experienced the same thing, deja vu.

im glad u noticed it...idk u but i believe u can do it..hugs