Cheating Death, Or Keeping My Legs, Happy For Both.

I was very young, and had only rode a bike where the breaks worked by reversing the motion of the pedals backwards.

For Christmas, I was told to check the bathroom downstairs, so see a shiny red bike with a bow on it.

I took out the bike later that day, riding down the sidewalk from my house, I saw a car starting to back out of the drive way a few yards ahead of me and come to a stop.

I started to back peddle but nothing happened, with only seconds before hitting the car I pulled the bike over, skidding on my left leg my bike became wedged between the wheels of the car.

There was the bottom of the car, my right leg, the bike, my left leg, and the pavement.

I was so terrified I didn't even scream, I have had a few random dreams since then where I was so scared I couldn't make a noise, I am just realizing that this may be why.

They had their music on fairly loud, and not sure they even knew I was trapped underneath. I saw the wheel move as if the breaks were untapped for a second.

Someone came running from the house and stopped them from leaving. I was pulled out from underneath the car. So terrified still, I remember I never said thank you, or anything. I just got back on my bike and slowly rode home.
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22-25, M
Jan 6, 2013