When We “love”

I feel as if…

I dress myself in your skin

And walk through your "I" that is mine.

In a slow and long pleasure

of each embrace, each kiss

each touch and each sighs

In a passion and love world

that never ends...

Undressing myself while dressing you

with emotions from my soul  and heart

No more existence of two beings

because we have become only one

“You and I”.

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4 Responses Mar 6, 2010

True soul mates, beautiful Princess.

The words are put to perfect use and meaning.

Beautiful words.

*Mmm *Sigh* LUCKY * I * ( what u do to words they dance passion!) ~ very lovely avi..i might fall off my chair..better get .............to my page.. :--))<br />
fast.. might need my heart started.. XoX