Like Every Day Is Your Last~ Spend It Wisely

      This story is near and dear to all of us here;  It crosses all of our lives, has no boundaries and is completely limitless;  except for it is never to be taken for granted!

 Have you told someone close to you today, that you loved them.

 Told them there's no one else above them.


          I say this because, that's my job.  That's what I do.  Everything I do is because of you;  To keep you safe with me;  That's my job you see!

            (those are some of the words from a famous Conway Twitty song, many years ago).  


  Spend each day wisely.

  Treat it as if it were your last.

  Bring bright sun light into someones day.

  Call someone you haven't spoken to in years.

 Touch and be touched by others around you!

  But most of all rid this earth of the word "HATE".    Instead prefer to revel in the sweet poetry of all things beautiful, and everlasting.   

Soak it all up; while doing something on the spur of the moment!

Spend all that you are, so that those near and dear to you, truly know what they mean to you!


    How would you spend your last day....................






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7 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Thanks nightwish! Glad to have you along.<br />
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AWWW... Thanks Shine! Your hugs surround me with warmth and beauty~ They make me so happy, 'cause each one has a different meaning. Major WHOA-LIKE!!! Every SINGLE one! True and precious. Butterflies and Stars are like hummingbirds of the sky. Their elegance lingers profoundly, so it makes perfect sense that they share the same symmetry. Quite undescribable! <br />
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((((Whirlwind of SHINE~Y VIVID Hugs))))<br />
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Sleepless: Thank you for all that you are! A great friend, confidant and much more. <br />
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((( Flowery Hugs)))

Thanks AC! ((((HUGE HUGS))))

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Shine~ You may steal the star filled SHINE! But you don't have to steal it really; I give it to you freely! It fits you quite nicely! O.K., we have started a new dictionary for neat words. LOL. :D You make me very happy too!<br />
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(((( Cosmic Butterfly Hugs))))<br />
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Sleepless: You share such joy and are so precious too! Open and giving are but a few of the ways magic resonates from you. Bless you.<br />
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thats beautyful AC. thank you very much for sharing. We love you AC! (((((Hugs)))))

Thank You from every ounce of my heart! It is me who is completely grateful to you. I feel such an inspiration from our chats, it means the world each and every day. There's not another word that could describe the indelible gifts you give, than SHINE!!! I'm a sharer ( is that a word)? I feel my best when I am expressing my inner thoughts. When you surround yourself with genuine people, you are the better for it! It is my pleasure!<br />
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Cascading skies full of infinite Star Filled SHINE~<br />
<br />
******along with effervescent HUGS******