The One That Made Me Quite

The girl I have liked for sometime is amazing and I would like to be seeing her or at least go on a date... She is everything I appeal too shes has long Soft brown hair , Carmel brown skin and a big beautiful smile and eyes. This may sound weird but I had a dream about her its starts when I was driving my honda and stopped for gas and she needed a ride, so I gave her a lift to her house she said her parents wont be home for a while and we went in to her house. I remember exactly what happened in the dream we were sitting in her living room and talking about movies and about how our days were going, as we were doing this she was searching for a movie for us to watch on netflex. the movie we finally found was The kid in the Striped pajamas it was an amazing movie half way through I look over at her and just thought to my self how beautiful she was the shine from her eyes from the glow of the tv made it that much more amazing and she looked over at me and grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss, and told me how her mom was coming home and we will see each other later I told her I hope so and I walked out the door with a smile on my face looking back I saw her in the window waving good bye to me I waved back with a dorky smile on my face I walked across the street and heard a loud sound... Which sounded like a horn I looked to my left and I caught a glimpse of a white pick up truck headed twords me, it struck me and everything went white, after the flash i woke up from my dream. Hoping that it wasn't a dream, that it was all real and I could call her and she would recognize my voice and tell me how she wants to see me and I would tell her how much I want to see her but it wasn't ... Later that day I saw her at the gas station !! My heart pounding on my chest like a battering ram I was hoping this would be  déjávu!! I said exactly as what I said in my dream, but then I see her turn around as some one called her name it turned out it was her boyfriend witch I had no idea about, at that instant my heart dropped into my stomach and I just gave her a smile and a goodbye and drove home .....  Giving up all hope for what I once thought to be the one for me 
Kidcudifan Kidcudifan
Sep 5, 2012