A Love Story No Body Saw ( They Dont Even Notice How Much They Are To Each Other)

She suffers depression, she raised a baby, been through a house fire, she lives everyday with the past of a 37 year old, she was sexually abused at 13 , she has very little in her future, she goes on everyday dragging the world behind her.
No one could get through to her, No one knew her past, No one really knew her.

Hes a perky cocky kid, he was on his school football team, his parents gave him every thing, hes got a past with no cracks that we knew of, he held his shoulders high and his middle finger higher .
No one knew his secrets, No one listened to his story when he wanted to tell it, No one really knew him.

Me and Her met people through people and he was one of those people. She has never seen anyone so drunk. We take a couple shots, turns out shes a lil bit of a light weight and 20 mins later they are walking around like they have known each other they're entire lives.
They became best friends, they were and still are insufferable. i got jealous cause i was close with him but they were closer.

After awhile they knew everything about each other, she told him things i didn't even know and shes my best friend. They could talk for hours & hours.
He became all she had, Shes never had anyone to run to. He calls her goober as her nick name, And you see it in her face how much it really means to her, she finally had someone she could run to.

When hes around her hes someone completely different, His face lights up when he says her name, He is endearing towards her and very protective, He wont admit it to anyone else but her-shes all he has , Shes his best friend.

They are all each other has , Like she said " If i didnt have him, Im living for nothing". They have been close since day 1.
Him: come on goober you know you love me.
Her: If i said no id be lying.
This is a love story only i have seen- Michael&Gabbiie through thick and thin - Together <3

RowenaB RowenaB
Nov 12, 2012