The Impossible Love

so im a 21years old girl i know him almost from a year we are juste freinds not close but we talk sometimes but i just saw him 3 time by considence like the first time we meet ! his a very sexy a cute gyu he's 3years older than me i don't know how and when this love grouw's inside of me but right now he's ebery think for me ithink about him all the time untill yesterday he called me (he know that i like him not love him) he wanted to see me so we meet we get into his home and talek then he kissed me and i did the same it was magic it's like every think i had ever dreamed about come true he's my love my every think i was smiling for no reason like an idiot we jissed and all but we didn't had sex(cause im a virgent and arabian girl it's forbidden ) but i really wanted to do it with him i want to give him every think every peace in my body but i couldn't! so after passing that magic day he tooked me back home and he hug me very hard untill i couldn't breath and i feelt like my heart is going to stop and he notice that but im not sure if he know my feeling about him !! i really really love him so bad i want him to be the father of my children my every think i just want him! idon't even know why im writing this now but i know that we wont be together cause he told me once that he don't know how to love and having a girl he just have sex and go but he didn't do it with me! im really confused i don't know what to do how to find a solution for this love that torturing me please god help me he's all that i want in this live im helpless and hopeless !! :((
eva393 eva393
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012