Fell In Love With A Stranger

I was working in an island where were a guest house for partying and sleeping. I was a helpworker. I worked in a small bar while parties and in information point near the port when the ship came and went away.
One night there was an official party where staff wasn't aloud to dance until customer asked for a dance. I was at the bar with a co-worker who was asked to dance. I noticed a handsome guy surrounded by beautiful girls and I thought he was taken. I sat there alone while co-worker was dancing and suddanly the slow music began. The same boy came to me, didn't say nothing just gave his hand. I really wanted to dance with him but I said no because I couldn't let the bar be alone. Then he made a sweet sad face and went away. While dancing in a circle with other girls he had only eyes for me.
When co-worker came back, I secretly hoped that this guy is coming back but he didn't, just smiled to me sometimes. At 3 o'clock, when the band stopped playing, the night disco began and we closed the bar. My work day was over. Me and my co-worker took a cider and started to go towards to other workers when the same guy took my hand and asked me to dance again. I said yes and we danced. I was usually very good at dancing but with him I was like a jelly. I put the blame on alcohol, even thow I had taken only one zip. I was a little nervous. We started talking and I suggested to walk a little in quiet. We walked and I liked him so badly. He was such a genlteman, he didn't even try to kiss me or touch me. I like that kind of guys. He was sweet and so nice. When I wanted to go to my room, we said bye, we didn't hug, I didn't even kiss on his cheek.
The next morning I was at the information point and I had so much customers when he came. I had no time for him. I am sure he wanted to ask me my number but he left. The ship went away and we only switched our first names. I am never seen him before.
I am thinking of him often, I have never met so nice guy before.
I wish I will meet him again.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

sometimes there's someone come and goes as a breeze through your life, give him little space in your heart, thinking bout him just sometimes not very often. Gud luck :)