The Perfect Problem

He started out as my best friend's boyfriend. She is serious about her relationships and I am awkward around couples, so despite finding out he lived a street away from me (for 5 years!) I didn't pay any attention to him. After 5/6 months I could sense the cracks in their relationship, and they eventually broke up.
However, he is a really nice guy, so they remained good friends. Towards the end of the year, I noticed some signs of a budding crush. I wasn't interested, no way, no how.
Then came band camp in August. He still seemed interested in me, and I slowly warmed up to him.
Now we're good friends, we play tag together, and we text/talk almost every day. He talked to an overzealous freshman who had a pushy crush, and saved me from spending several hours with him. It is nine months until he is allowed to date, but I am willing to wait. He is worth it, with his optimism and humor and smarts. I only hope he realize how much I like him. He's my perfect match, despite our age and short friendship. I will wait to prove t to the world. :)
Thynker Thynker
13-15, F
Dec 9, 2012