It Hurts To Know That Its Impossible...

Love, it hurts. Especially when you know they dont love you back... It kills you softly. When i first fell in love, i was 9 years old. Yep, hard to believe i know but its true. I walked into my new school looking exitedly at everyone. Once i entered my new classroom, my eye caught his. And ever since then i never forgot that look on his face. I tried to attempt him several times but i was too shy. I left that school when i turned 10. And now i am 16, and still am in love with him. I dont know what it is, we never talked or anything, i just felt connected. I see him around and my heart hurts. He doesnt remember me. I want to tellhim everything, i want to tell him i have been in love with him for 7 years but he would of thought im crazy. I was going to do it but now its too late.... My family and i moved to another state far far away... It hurts to breath the air he isnt breathing. It feels worse that while im dying for him here, far away and he doesnt even know... He doesnt even know.... I guess my love is impossible after all.
LoveKillsSoBad LoveKillsSoBad
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

You will be fine! All wil be fine! Dont you dare to give up ever!