Us, we, and together. That sounds like our love. There is no I or her it is us or we. We love eachother and no one else.
We met not like most couples do I guess. She was trying to text one of her friends. But, dialed my number. She did it a couple of times. During those times we talked. And after awhile. I started to call and text her and almost every time she answered. Then one day she told me she lived in Oreagon. I do to! So we set up a date and we met. Then we met again. And again. Then after a few weeks of meetings. She told me she was gay. I was not surprised. Because, I am too. So then we told peole we were a couple and at first we had to kiss so they would believe us. Then someone told my parents and they were pissed. They thought they raised a good mormon child. But, it is who I am. I love my baby. And we love eachother. She is my angel. She is my tommie. And I am her emmet. We as a gay couple face troubles but we are not afraid to tell people who we are. We got matching earings and rings. Every saterday we go to the mall and take photos in a booth. You guys should see some of them. This is our love story.
What's yours?
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at least you have your big love for your own dear