My Incompleted Love Story


You can say my story as a uncompleted love story or just love on one side.

I was in college 1st year and he was in 3rd year. Our exams were over. As He was very intelligent , he started his workshop (spreading knowledge was his idea). I joined that workshop. That was my first time I saw him (because My thought was that we should give attention to only those to whom we can make a profit).

He was giving me a cute smile. I was just taking him as my senior. ....
My 2nd year started. One day, I wanted to ask a doubt from my teacher. I want to her cabin. I saw him in my teacher cabin. He was also discussing some problem with ma'am. I was happy to see him (I don't know what was the reason). I started asking him my doubts. But I wanted to tell you one thing - "Though he tried to solve my all doubts, I never understood his solutions... even I kept my eye contacts with him". I started love to meet him. I always wished him. And in reply, He always gave me a smile.
He was placed in a company. After, his fourth year. He went to join his new job. And our contacts broke. I tried to find out his name, his id. .......
to be continue :) (something was there in my heart...)
If you like my story then am ready to tell you what happened next...
love u guys :)
Salooni Salooni
22-25, F
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yes tell me the rest plz