Chapter One: Krissy

recommended song for this story: "fur elise" beethoven

first let me introduce you to michael and i (my name is krissy btw)

michael- in high school:

the smart kid in school. skinny, glasses and braces. all a's all the time. but he was also very social with every school clique. the ultimate dallas cowboys fan. he was a prankster and always had new crazy stories about the things he and his friends had done on camera (ie; knocking over the giant container of balls at a local walmart, and/or making ridiculous orders at drive through windows...) he was a good christian boy, but was very judgemental in high school. teachers pet. 

krissy- in high school:

the new girl. trying so hard to fit in. uncoordinated and freakishly tall. enthusiastic about a new thing each week. bad grades. never studied. never made myself heard. had my few close friends and didnt venture far from them. felt like i was not as cool as other kids in school.

so now that you know the main two characters, here is the beginning of our story :) 


it started as ever great love story does...high school. our school is a tiny christian school...there were literally 14 kids in our graduation class...

i came to the private christian school in our area for my junior year. i was a new student with a raging crush on a boy names michael. this is not the michael who makes up most of our story (my fiance) you will see i have a sort of thing with michaels...not intentionally, it just happened to happen that way.

a few weeks into my junior year i began dating the above mentioned michael. we will call him mike c. i felt madly in love with mike c and though i was going to marry him (i was 16 at the time).

later into my junior year i began talking to one of the boys in our class who i didnt really talk to much before then.  this michael IS the main michael in our story (my fiance)we were sitting at the lunch table and discussing a local radio station that we both LOVED! i proceeded to tell him that i listened to that station in my bedroom every afternoon and night. that night i was doing something in my room and i hear a familiar voice coming from my radio..."hey, i jut want to shout out to krissy, carly, taylor...." and i believe he said a few more names...but i was just so excited that he had even mentioned me! (of course i felt that i had the higher status over the other girls because my name was mentioned first :D the next day i walked into our homeroom class and and said something like "i heard you last night!"

he was always so good about being enthusiastic with other people...he would get just as excited as i was over stupid things like fergie and panic! at the disco....

after that we had a very long silent period. he had his friends and i had mine...and i was in a relationship with mike c still, and he took up most of my attention. this silent period lasted all the way until about the middle of senior year.

mike c and i broke up the summer before senior year. in the beginning of senior year i had a stupid, 2 week long fling with a boy named justin. that didnt last and so for the first time, since coming to the christian school, i was single...

at the end of every day, i was supposed to have health class, well my health teacher was a bit of a pushover and said that as long i i did my work i didnt have to attend her class. so i sat in my english teachers room (he didnt have a class that hour) and talked to the teacher and a boy names steven, who i was friends with. well periodically, michael would come and chit chat with us. usually i was merely a witness to the conversation, because usually when the boys get together, the conversation was all football...but i still enjoyed it :)

eventually michael and i began hanging out in our science teacher's room to talk alone. we began talking about deeper subjects, like our families and pasts. my feelings for michael begin here...tiny little ****** of happiness came into my heart when he was around and i found myself looking foward to the end of the day, when i knew i would be alone with him...

well, michael decided he wanted to learn "fur elise" on the key board. well luckily there just happened to be one of those in our science room...

there was a buffet style desk thing right in front of the key board, so that when michael was sitting at the keyboard, i was directly across from him...i sat on my butt on top of this desk thing with my feet up and i held my legs against my chest (i have always felt most comfortable in the fetal position. even when sitting) and i would just watch him...he learned the entire song by ear. he was (and still is) a musical genius. by the time he had learned the whole song, i already felt very attatched to him and had shared many personal things with him, and he with me...i wanted to be with him.

while all this was going on i was dealing with the pains of having christian parents who think you are the spawn of satan. they judged me more than i have ever been judged. i lived with my dad and step mom at the time. so when faced with the option of an escape from them and their judgements, i took it. i moved to florida with my mother...i didnt tell michael i was leaving. i told my two best friends at the time. and told them never to tell. and they never did.

so i left without a goodbye to anyone....i felt torn up because i had such strong feelings for michael and i didnt even tell him goodbye. so i wrote him a letter apologising...and telling him that i missed him. yes a wrote him a letter, on paper, with a pencil, in handwriting...and sent it via snail felt more personal that way :)

and that begins the next chapter of the story.

next to come is michaels side of chapter one. and then my side of chapter two. i know its a little confusing but we will all get used to this together.

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chapter two is already up for your enjoyment....have fun reading!!

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chapter 2 begins tonight....michael is writing his side first, then mine will expect it to be up by tomorrow morning!

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