Chapter 2: Krissy

reccommended music for this chapter- "boats and birds" gregory and the hawk

we left off with my sending a letter to was the most desperate letter...i was hoping to god that he would still be interested in being my friend...i believe he may have written me an actual letter back..but niether of us remember a few weeks later he added me on myspace, where we began talking a little bit...every thing was a very gradual build for us.

at this point in time i was living with my mother in florida. she and i have never quite gotten along, and we are polar opposites, but like i said in the last chapter, it was a far more appealing alternative to living with my father in we faught, and faught, and faught. but we always seemed to get over it. i told her and my sister all about michael...even though i had no idea what unexpected things that my future with him would hold.

okay so back to michael and i. i asked him one day if he had aim (at the time that was a popular form of communication. not so much anymore) but he told me that he didnt...but that he was going to make one...and so the most romantic portion of our relationship began....

we talked about life, love, god, drugs, family, music, books, movies, and anything else that was ever on our minds...we never ran out of things to talk about. we first started hinting at our affection with one another by saying "these lyrics make me think of you" or "this movie reminds me of you" ( i guess we werent very original...but it was how we expressed feelings that neither of us had ever felt before)

we never really came out and told one another, in our own words, how we felt until the phone conversations began...and when they began, they took off! i beleive that our first conversation lasted hours and hours, and from that point, i dont think there was one night that we didnt speak. we were so comfortable with one another, we could sit for hours and just listen to one another breathe...

haha i remember the first little tiff we had :) ot was over a band that we both liked, and what genre of music we thought that they should be classified this point we had fully expressed to one another that we were head over heels in love...and that we were going to be together, no matter how difficult it seemed.

here is the part where you begin to hate me, and see me in a different light. but just remember that all this is in the past and michael and have chosen to forgive one another for any of the mistakes we have made along the way...okay so all during this time i was rebelling, it was my soul purpose in life to do exactly what i was not supposed to do, i got caught up in to alot of bad drugs and alot of bad people who supported me in this. michael knew some of it, but not the full extent (he now knows everything) so he tried to encourage me as much as he could...well this lifestyle ended up ruining my relationship with my mother and she told me to get out of her house - i knew she wasnt serious, but i had a good amount of money in my bank account. minutes after she had uttered those words, i had bought myself a one way ticked to michael...i was terrified and heartsick and i called him to tell him to be at the airport the next day...he was excited but he is always so empathetic to peoples feellings and he mourned the loss my mothers friendship with me...

the next thing i knew i was sitting in the airport about to board a plane.....i had NO idea where i was going to live or what i was going to do....but i took the risk.

i had no idea of the insane things wating for me down the road....

misskrissywithaK misskrissywithaK
18-21, F
Apr 2, 2009