Chapter 3: Krissy

reccomended music for the chapter: "teasing to please" cute is what we aim for

my heart was full when the captain announced that we were making our decent into pittsburgh...i pulle dout my compact and carefully reapplied mascara and powdered my cheecks...i brushed back my unkempt ponytail....

i sighed and closed my eyes to calm myself for the last minutes til landing.

i found my way to the escalator that led to the baggage claim level of the airport, where michael was supposed to meet me...and i felt as though the escalator took a year to descend to the bottom. when i got to the bottom i immidiately began searching the faces for him. i looked and looked ancd couldnt find him. so i decided to look for my flights bagggage drop off. i saw that the people who were on my flight were headed down a long path to the end of the buliding. i followed. as i looked to the end of that pathway, i saw a boy, with long dark hair witting with his head down on a bench facing me...i knew the moment i saw him from afar that it was michael. i started to run, and my flip flops were making the most ridiculous noise on the tiled floor...he heard this noise and raised his head.

we literally had that movie moment "running embrace" that everone dreams about.

i checked in to my new home. the holliday inn express. i lived there for about a week or so. while i was staying there, out of the blue one of my old girlfriends from ohio showed up...and she offered me a place to live with her and her family. i immediately took her offer.

here is where the story gets bad. meagan was a party girl. she drank, she smoked weed, and she had sex. and lots of it. while i was living with her, i cheated on michael...more than once. and consumed more toxins into my body that should ever be consumed.

michael remained blissfully unaware.

so megans dad hated me, and kicked me out of thier house. i had no where to go....i was technically homeless. i remember crying on michael's shoulder and leaving mascara marks all over he finally said that  we could see about me living with him.

i did. and it worked out just fine. his dad was unnaturally welcoming and kind to megan and i, offering us weed and alcohol, which we gladly accepted.

again, michael remained unaware.

michael and i had one major event looming in our future. college. michael was enrolled at a nazarene university up north, and i would be alone without him...this was the impending fate that tore us apart...

so to get myself ready for when he left i got a job with him at mcdonalds. we worked there together for a while and i remained there for a while after he left. also, i didnt want to keep living with his dad while michael was away, because his 2 sisters hated me. so we arranged for me to live in his old house that his dad still hadnt sold. we went and cleaned it and got it all set up for me...that was where we spent our last night together...the worst night ever.

we stayed up all nigth and barely spoke, just cried. despite the things i had done to michael in secret, i truly loved him and the guilt tore me apart...and i didnt want to let go of him...he was my life....

i moved in with a girl named corrinna from high school because i couldnt take the lonliness of being in that house alone. finally michael came home on his fall break. we had an amazing time together and were perfectly happy...


this was the last time we would see one another as a couple...


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aweee....thanks. its all true. every word. thanks for reading. we really appriciate it!

I'm still riveted. the airport description made me smile big big. ;)