I Was Arrested......

on top of the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt when I was 15 and taken to the local police station for questioning. Fortunately for me, Americans are lucky and can more than likely kill someone and get off because of their nationality which is really sick.
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that's unique,I don't think I could even make up a story to top that ...ur an interesting guy

Things that shouldn't have been up there with us :)<br />
<br />
Fortunately, we just got into trouble only because we were there "after hours".

interesting wierd story, what other things did you have up there with you? Hmm, I'm curious.

C'mere, I'll show ya

Now, how're you gonna top that? ;)

:) Thanks....Egyptian police stations/jails are nothing fun, that I can assure you of.

That's quite a funny story... I find that story quite amusing.

I'm cool like that.......actually it wasn't my idea :P

wow...drinking beer atop a pyramid...that's so cool!

Bitter irony :)

lol I did not know that.......ironic b/c Egyptian beer sucks :D

That's ok...Egyptians invented beer :)

B/c we were sleeping atop the pyramid at 4am :P Oh, I forgot to mention that we had tons of beer among other things with us.

Sicko :) Why were they questioning you?