My Random Things

i love myself
im cocky sometimes
i love food
im overweight and i dont rlly care
i love chocolate
i write stories(books)
i have somewhat of a broken family
i live with a friend,lucky me :)
i ca get through things
i hate low rise pants
i hate fancy shirts
i love converse
i hate people who cant shut up
i hate when my friends dont take me seriously
i make ramen with garlic powder onion powder and parsley salt and i drain all the water
i love zac efron
i love this website
i love tlkin on the phone
i dont have a cellphone
im good at singing
i suck at guitar
i almost died 3 times
im sleepy after a nap
i eat right when i get up
olives are awesome
most of these are about food people and clothws
my friends are awesome
im new to this website
i have a blog
im gonna make a webshow soon
 my middle name is elizabeth
i get a monthly check
im happy....most of the time
i have blue eyes
my best feature i think is my eyes and the rest of my face
i like my height of 5,2
i would love to be a vampire
i love the taste of blood
im emo
i use to be a goody little twoshows now im not
i go to bed late
i have heart problems
i love to help people
im sucker for love songs
i love both sexes
and im done with these random things :)
stephanie3411 stephanie3411
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

haha thanx i didnt realize there was this many

well met youngling