I Think I May Have Missed My Calling...

I don't think my chest would look out of place with all those other women up on the starting blocks at the commonwealth games...

Isshe Isshe
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OMG AP....this is how a life long addiction to *********** starts!! <br />
<br />
First <br />
<br />
..<br />
<br />
then <br />
<br />
UU<br />
<br />
then who knows what!<br />
<br />

more like this AP<br />
<br />

Oh don't be sad MissSass...<br />
<br />
Small boobies rock! <br />
<br />
And at least yours are termite mounds!!!

Sadly ... my own Isshe *sigh*

Who's termite mounds????!!!!

*quietly examining termite mounds and exiting the room very quietly*

Yeah, I thought of Rex too. Whew! smoking ad ;)

btw GW....that reminds me of that ad from years ago....Antz Pants....sik 'em rex!

Jo...you crack me up....

isshe feel at home now get swimming....<br />
a woman dives into the pool the Aussies scream wildly sport sport and some more sport

What a lot of test. flowing about !isshe u keep ur cards close to ur sweet, chest..<br />
AP blushes at comment saying they aren't mine.<br />
The plastic surg. steps forward and smiles.<br />
The camera winks click, This is what every guy wants? the guys in the office laugh working on a jingle.

GW...I told you I had small boobs!!! lol...there are no ants in mine though.

From Urban dictionary...<br />
<br />
Eskie<br />
(In Australia) Cooler box. Box of many sizes used for keeping drinks cold.<br />
Let´s skull another VB from the eskie! (Let´s drink (all in one go) a Victoria Bitters (beer) from the cooler.)

TNP...you mean you don't think people get wrinkly toes when they drown??

HAve you seen the termite mounds that we have in Australia??? Huge! Nope...mine are anthills. Bull ant ones :)<br />
<br />
Ha! AP, you should see the mossies we have on the farm at the moment! Bloody ENORmous!

Never heard of eskies. But one of your countrymen traumatised impressionable young minds with "learn to swim" ads when I was young.<br />
<br />
Picture Rolf Harris and his breathlessly earnest voice.<br />
<br />
"...fell into the water..."<br />
"...couldn't swim..."<br />
"...somehow got back to the bank..."<br />
<br />
All that was bad enough, but then the hairy bastard sinks back into the water and extends a wrinkly big toe straight towards the camera. Not something anyone needs to see.<br />
<br />
Now, this is a country that was renowned for teaching kids not to do things by scaring the living daylights out of them back in the seventies - a tactic I wholeheartedly approve of - but nothing has ever been as bad as that.

anthills? Isshe ... nobody has anthills ... lol <br />
<br />
now if we're discussing termite mounds ... ROFL

With or without pillow slips?

Oh...I must be behind the times...you have moved onto the UK...O'Brien???<br />
<br />
Oh don't be sad AP...I like my 'anthills'

*nearly chokes on coffee* LOL! Soft pillow corners!

Hmmm...looks down at boobs....I wonder if AP's boobs are bigger than mine???

LOL...cheeky!<br />
<br />
You must have mastered the art of throwing the eskie lid (you you guys have eskies??) into the water to save someone...

I can barely swim, either. I studied outdoor pursuits for a while and passed the life-saving module. Ironically, I failed the swimming one. So I can save your life if you're drowning, but apparently I can't swim.<br />
<br />
If you feel my hand brushing against your boobs while I do it, then it's an accident... honest.

Oh my!<br />
<br />
lol...I don't swim compare to this lot!

In that case, I want to see it - I think those women have beautiful bodies.<br />
<br />
Any chance you can step up behind me and press it against my bare back?