I Have Had Plenty Of Of Stories

when i was in 12 th std , there was was some educational program in my school related to my exam , where as i got fed up this kind of things !!!!!
i was not a studious one ; i need to study and enjoy at all time , like a bird . i don't want to stay in place for a long time ..., i should go where ever i like i will do  what ever i like but  i will not really avoid any one i will not make them unhappy  
BUT some time it happend  i am over ly hope some thing from friends , but they are not  , they are always keeping a space between me and them ..

i so i am coming back to the story , on the exam time of my 12th class , me and my close friend  we  were trying  to escape  from there , i took my bags and all i turned to back side of my school , where as the time was 1.30 each and every leaves are sleeping . there was no sunrise and moon light also , looking soo sexy in all place but i was only 15 th age so i could not feel better in the sexy  appearance , i felt fear about each and every movements , other one also ,
then we have seen there was a way which is connected to  a paddy field to go to the  main bus station { it was a short cut to go to my home } i just told him don't go by this way becoz every thing is fear full out there , but he was trying to make me hard minded then i follow him , 
after 10 or 15 minuts we were about middle of the paddy field i have seen a person standing near to my friend , i feel deadly fear about it i hae loudly told him and and i fell down i feel like am going to dead , he also ran to me , he did not seen it with in minuts he have seen that and both are trying to run from there , also we were seen , the person simply dancing like rotating  , 

after words  we have reached in near the bus station , there was some street lights , it shows one dummy person is there in the paddy field near to the bus station , the dummy is using by the farmers , who has using the paddy farming , and the dummy is using for take care the paddy from the birds >>>>>

so i have realised that ,  the first dancing person also was a DUMMY ....

iamtoolovely iamtoolovely
22-25, M
Nov 14, 2010