ok some random things

1 i got kicked out of sunday school
2 i have been shot in the ***
3 roosters and i do not get along

CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
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14 Responses Nov 14, 2010

LOL!! That's funny, (the rooster bit) :P

oh this rooster hated my especially and the damn thing KNEW KUNG FU

oh haha .... just cover your young ears kid i don't want to get in trouble for telling you these things :P

*bursts into laughter* shot in your *** x]x]x] and your conversations are just too funny, although it ends in cutting or sex xP

yaya i see i see i didn't get involved though i'm taken and i like it that way

wait you mean the yelling about the **** at my party.... that wasn't my fault they got into the booze ....... blame dipy and batzy they started it

its the only way to kill me.

that always happens too ...... is there something about me that says sex or cutting people

thats how they used to determine the sharpness of it. they would cut through dead bodies. now they use tatami mats to measure them. <br />
<br />
hwo does it every conversation i join ends up being about sex or stabbing people

hhmm well it all depends on the wounds really. most blade wont chop your body off.....what are you facing someone with a giant claymore or something haha

eehh depends on the wound. i've been both and used both and i will always prefer the honor of the blade over the distance of the bullet

damn thing left a blood blister on it for weeks. this is why i prefer swords

i also shot myself in the hand with a airsoft shotgun and in the head with a pistol when i scratched my head with it .. it was unpleasant

.... airsoft gun.... oh shut up it stung and the only reason they got me was cause i stopped waiting and lost patience