1. I love the colour black.

2. When I'm around strawberries, I suddenly become very possessive, so beware. THEY'RE ALL MINE!

3. I like being immature sometimes. Some find it cute, some find it annoying, others just think I'm crazy.

4. If you are skilled with the guitar, then you're my hero.

5. If you're a guy and like literature... MARRY ME!

6. Pizza and dark chocolate (not together) are my other weaknesses.

7. I love to scream my lungs out when a songs I know are played at a concert. And they don't even have to be my favourite.

8. I'm a hopeless romantic.

9. But love songs make me puke. Unless they're tragic love songs.

10. Horror movies are... AWESOME.

11. I'm not a grammar/spelling nazi, but if u TypE lYk diS dEn ur criOusLy RETARDED.

12. I hate holidays cuz that's the only time my parents are home and are nagging me all the time.

13. I avoid problems instead of facing them.

14. Hot anime dudes are...well... HOT.

15. Yes, I'm a dork.

16. Video games = <3. 'nuff said.

17. I love making lists. As you can see from this list.

18. I hardly finish things that I've started.

19. I'm extremely ticklish.

20. I find eyes sexy.

Okay, enough. I'm getting carried away. At this rate, I'll have told you all my secrets. O_o
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4 Responses Dec 24, 2010

peanlo - i know, right?? i find it harder to type like that instead of just being normal. O_o<br />
<br />
prince - *gasps* I'm jealous! lol. Once, on a visit to Thailand, we bought a box of strawberries (20 pieces)... I ate 'em all by myself! :D And they weren't even the sweet ones. So in the end, I had bright red sour lips. lol. I don't regret it all though. XD<br />
<br />
xerxes - true. :)

I agree with all of your statements. Immaturity can be a good thing it means reality doesn't affect you.

i was obsessed with strawberries until one day i got an anonimous box full of strawberries in my doorstep. ate the whole bunch in about 3 days (i was 8 back then) and i am still quite saturated ever since.

Ahahahahaha LOVE IT! Oh and I SO agree on 11. Text speak pi.sses me off at times xD