Just random Rambilngs of myself

I find Love unconditional and universal (to all Life)
I am a spiritual being having a human experience
I find it hard to trust people Right away (really rare if I do, I guess chemistry has to be there)
Once you've gained my trust, almost always you'll be there forever in my heart :-)

I freaking LOVE to dance~literally pour my heart and soul to it and people get shocked by it because it's not 'me' lol
I'm pretty reserved and sorta to myself kinda person
I learned there are many ill and lonely people in this world, so I try to help people who are less fortunate than I am
I know we are all fighting our own battles, so I try to be as kind as possible

Life is like a cycle to me-
Spring(birth) easter-lots of life
Summer(childhood) longgggg hot summer days
Autumn(adulthood) work!!!
Winter(death) coldness/decaying..
then spring again, yeahh!

I understand if you need space-I need some space too
I think I grew up too fast, never really had a childhood :
I have a weakness for Love damn it, lol
I've had several instances of near-death-experiences

I have seen myself out of my body and learned there is much more to Life than we think
I am VERY open minded
I've noticed a lot of synchronicity(meaningful experiences) happening lately
I accept things just the way it is

I often wonder what Life is about, but forget when I'm high from Life
I believe people come into your Life for a reason
When I'm out in nature, It makes me feel so magical
I play Piano!

Sometimes I absorb too much of environment/people's thoughts/energy that I lose myself
When I was in High School-I was that all rounded student who was in sports/clubs/council/honors-ap classes and very likeable
Recently came out of severe depression and I'm coping well thanks to EP

I am very fascinated with sleeping/dreaming for it's like a different reality I can explore..
I want to live Life to the fullest :D
I believe I had extraterrestrial contact before even knowing what they were(age 7-8!)

When I was little, I used to see random colors around people-like totally outside of their body(vividly remember red/blue/green/rainbow colors-mostly blue on everyone)
Music soothes/touches my soul
I believe in Law of Attraction and the subconscious power of the mind

ahh wow just realized how long this list is so I'll wrap it up here for today-
Thanks for the Read^^
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4 Responses Dec 6, 2011

Oh wow! Learned some interesting stuff about you. I'm into the Law of Attraction too. I LOVE dancing also. Being open minded is fantastic. So you were able to see Auras around people...great! I wish I knew how to play a musical instrument. I took piano but not that good. Maybe one day. I wana learn to play a guitar. Nice list :D

WOW! thanks! really lightened my mood up :) I am still fairly new with the Law of Attraction so I'm pretty much a newb :P and dancing omg it's like my HIGH ahhhh. Open-minded really is fantastic and I wish i can see auras around people, all i can see now is faint visible outings-sometimes colors but need to really focus. Learning to play all sorts of instruments just really motivates me into the arts which is a way to express myself for it really is hard to express my well being.
thanks for commenting! really lightened my mood

Great minds think alike :D Ask, believe, and receive=Law of attraction. But it's not just believing...you have to get out and just do it. lol like Nike :P yeah lately I'm getting more and more into dancing again. I'm a flash mob dancer now lol and soon will learn belly dancing. SO exited!

wow flash mob dancer >.> so spontaneously awesome! XD belly dancing makes me have the butterflies haha for i think moving the belly like that makes me think people have the butterflies in them-haha im just so in a happy mood, hope your belly dancing goes great! (I know it will! :D)

You sound like a nice person. :)<br />
Do you really think alien did anything funny with you? O.o<br />
There are many interesting things around, nature... it's a nice place. I don't think everyone has a blue aura though, because that would make them all kinda sad. Blue is not healthy for the aura.

Thanks! :D
I'm not sure what the alien did to me but I was well aware that I was lying but naked cold on the table and them doing something? Next couple weeks felt very weak physically
umm the aura thing was not so sure, but usually was people watching in school while everyone was reading because I can't focus on reading lol - i see blue as a meditative state and very relaxed/mellow but who knows what blue really means

I would worry if aliens have done something funny with you. Who knows with aliens kinda. :P
Well... blue people do tend to be self neglecting or be sad. They appear kinda calm, but if blue is out it's proff of them being tierd or sad.

It seems understandable and pretty true about appearing as calm outwardly but don't really know what they feel inside

death does not equal winter all the time, winter is a wonderful season that has a magical effect. the coldness of the outside draws people together for warmth. the snow glitter and glows and falls to the ground like a million tiny stars. its just a beautiful sight to see. many people i know dont like winter but they're looking at it as a means of extra work, i look at the beauty of it and i guess the work i do outside seems more enjoyable though i take a long time to do it xD um well im pretty sure i cant dance lol and awe you will be good at helping the less fortunate. what you saw when you were little might of been aura's, yup yup i think i commented enough

yaaaay, thanks for the insight! and yeah I agree winter does have that magical effect in it's season and the aura thing was something i thought all the kids saw back then but when i realize no one else sees them as me, i just try to be 'normal' and try to fit in so i began to lose it's touch. hehe thanks for the reply :-)

hey no problem and the only reason i mentioned the aura's is because my one friend told me the same thing, i dont know if he can still see them or not i hadnt asked him.

whaat, didn't know the list would be this long @_@

I love dancing too! Free dancing, latin dancing, ballroom dancing, they are all great! I even love to free dance in the water when I am in the ocean at the beach, as I can feel the rhythms of the ocean.

You never shared with me your near death experiences. This too may be why you are already so deepened. I find near death experiences fascinating.

I want to learn how to dance to all of those because dancing really makes me express my well being to another level!:) wow never tried dancing in the water, will definitely try that hehe and umm my near death experiences probably has shapened something about me but i find it boring if i talk about it lol