Just A Few Things About Myself.

I prefer sun set to sun rises because its all more that cute, I own two cats, my favorote colors are green and yellow, somethi ng about grass fields I love just to lay in them for hours staring up at the sky, I think alot about things, I like to paint scenery, but never have the time, I like to think im intelligent(;, I love indie music when traveling, my favorite holiday is Halloween, I dont drink soda, instead of buying movie I rather rent a new one for everynight, im a horrible speller, I love stuffing hot cheetos in pickles because its that good! I chew gum one right after the other when it loses flavor, I hate eggs, I love green eyes with dark hair, alcohol taste gross to me, I love taking picture of nature, I LOVE wearing makeup, I hate how the media influences kids, i like having rare moments where I feel im in a movie, I love romantic places like being isolated in the woods, I watch the youtuber onision though he annoys me with his views but I still support him, I eat croutons by them self, I love reality shows, zombie movie, anime books like fruits basket, I want to move over seas, I like swimming, I dont find justin bieber attractive, I am very lazy:/, and ive always wanted to be at the end of a rainbow just to say ive have(: ill write more when I think about it(;
Unique19 Unique19
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2011