One If The Most Embarassing Days Of My Life!!!

ok im in grade 8 and the week before Christmas vacation, we had a supply teach all week because my teacher is the Vice Principal and had to fill in for the real principal. any way, so I have like some history with a boy named chase. i really love him but i didnt tell anyone. i guess they caught on. one day i went out for lunch and by coincidence, he went out for lunch too. we sat at the table together and when my friend walked in she yelled, " omg you two are on a date" we wernt, so she went back to school and told everyone. me and her came in from lunch early and she wrote on the board, makayla+ chase. she kept writting it and i kept erasing it. she wrote some under the chart papers but i found them and erased it. about 3 months later. when everyone was over bothering me about it and everything was calm, my teacher moved a chart paper to write on it and underneath it said makalya+chase. the whole class saw and laughed i tried to laugh it off i was so embarrassed. if that wasnt bad enough the teacher drew a heart around it. i was so embarrassed i started to cry, and shake and i got really hot but i couldnt stop smiling. then everyone was back on the topic about me and him and its still going on. on all my work they write stuff like " ohh chase" in speech bubbles around me. its horrible. but me and him are really close like bestfriends we do everything together, yea that kinda makes it worse. and he over exaggerates things that happen between me and him to make everyone be like ""woooww"
makayla5 makayla5
Apr 14, 2012