Random Things About Myself :)

I'm going to tell you random things about myself! lol I am kind, loving, and a true friend. I always say "lol" if I write something funny on the net or read something funny. I love to chat and I love my EP friends. I have a physical disability and bad eyesight, but I'm getting through it all. I love horses, and I ride them, I have a dog called Archie, used to have a dog called Cody but he had bad hips and had to go to heaven. I love astronomy, physics and I love talking about a phenomenon called spontaneous human combustion. I am a skeptic! lol I hate people who are rude, mean, arrogant and sarcastic. I also hate people who think science is nerdy and geeky, because it's not, it is the most fascinating subject, no matter what anyone says! I love EP, my favourite food is spaghetti on toast with grated cheese. If you add me as a friend, I look at your profile first to see if I think its ok to add you, I'm not mean or rude, I just like to check who people are. I am random and I have a weird sense of humour. Thanks for reading. :)
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

You sound soo cool, I can agree with almost everything youve said :)

You seem sooo nice, Your alot like me :) , I always write "lol " too, And when i write it i actually am "Laughing out loud "