10 Random Things About Me! :)

1. I LOVE tea!!
2. I love animals... Especially white tigers
3. I love hugs, especially by guys who are taller and bigger than you :)
4. I love going out- anywhere! Parties, friends house...
5. Im obsessed with shopping!
6. I am 15 years old
7. Appearance: I have long dark brown hair, naturally curly but i always straighten it. I am tall and skinny(and yes... I have been offered many modelling jobs!) i have brown eyes and straight white teeth! :)
8. IM A WOG FOR LIFE!!! <3
9. I LOVE to eat!!!
10. People always tell me i look like one of the kardashians... :/ ahha

And yeahhhh thats a few fun facts about me! :)
13-15, F
1 Response May 13, 2012

what is a wog???

An italian.. Ahah :)