And Another Thing While We Are On The Subject Of Me..* Tongue In Cheek*

When i am doing something that im good at? I dont give a **** what anyone thinks of me. I dont care if anyone thinks im beautiful, i dont care if anyone thinks im witty or smart or a good person. Mostly that happens when i am gripping my camera, or when im with loved ones, or caressing my synapses with awesome tunage.
So, im not always a neurotic mess. I give myself breaks lol. :o)
Lilcuppa Lilcuppa
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You might not care, but we do think you're beautiful, witty, smart & a good person! :)

i do care. veryverysuper much! did i give off that vibe?

i guess i did. i didnt mean that in that way

i meant..well....not like...being a ***** but when im in my zone then the rest of the world falls away coz i have myself, ya know?

and sometimes i need that coz it doesnt happen very often..

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you guys are all ****** awesome.

that looks so cool coming out of me with mah badass avi.

*kisses* Your avi is badass AND cute. Just like you.

you bunch of bad behavior enablers :)

I wanted to say something, but AllAboutLaffs said it all.

Me loves a hot mess

We adore you ... just any ole way that you are .... so there !!! .... :P