Miss Nothing

im 20 now. female.. and im chubby girl, and im ugly.. maybe that's why no one want to be with me.. naahh.. like today ..last night i dreamed about my classmate his name is arjhay.. he is my crush but i know he dont like me.. i dreamed that he is may boyfriend! waahh! wat a dream! today is his birthday.. i hope there would be a chance that he will like me too..hahaah!
my friends told me that im talkative and friendly, easy to approach, tactile person ..i just want to hold my friends when they are walking with me, i dont choose boy or girl, thats why sometimes other people think im a flirt ..haistt.. im just being me when my friends around bec. in our house i cant be me.. that the sad part
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

Do not think of yourself in those negative ways. You have a wonderful personality, as your friends have told you. Accept that and enhance your own beliefs in yourself. If you feel ugly, you will never try to look your best. Show your beauty, and you will reap the benefits.

sometimes i lost my confidence..and end up blaming my self.. thank you for your advice.

My pleasure. Find your happiness, and let it grow!