Every morning when I get up from work and am getting dressed, I have a date with three squirrels that playfully chase each other around the tree outside of my back porch. They are often times aware that I am watching them although I don't think they mind in the least.

The color of their fur is a light gray which from what I understand is atypical as most squirrels have the red coat. I sometimes also look at them with envy because I would love to be screwing around all day like they do :D
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I used to have squirrels. Loved to watch them. Unfortunately.... my 3 cats took care of the population. Now I bout sprain my ankles when I step out the door from all the fallen, uncollected nuts in my yard! :/ And officially the only squirrels around now are the 3 folks ( self not included hehee) residing in my home. :P

The squirrels here are VERY huge. Must be lazy ones lol

If you want to have some fun, create one of them squirrel launchers :)

Wow, how nice is that! ...
Good attitude and it's a beautiful reminder of the wonderful gifts that nature will bestow even upon city-dwellers, like myself. Well, at least to those who open to receiving them.

Appreciate the kind words. There is beauty all around us which we take for granted daily!

Sounds nice. Wouldn't you hate to be that tree, though with furry squirrels running frantically about your trunk and branches? haha. We rescued baby squirrels when I was younger, and fed them with an eye dropper.

I've been trying to get the squirrels to eat bird feed out of my hand, but I get impatient. Apparently I'm intimidating to them lol

squirrels are ace

you write wonderfully...it is these sweet, small pleasures that truly make me aware of just how beautiful life really is.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm certainly one that finds beauty in the smallest of things :)

~lol~ I can picture you watching..and the pun in your last line made me laugh! You'd most likely get pretty exhausted, and what about your higher purpose in life? ;-)

Chances are that your interpretation of me is spot on ;)

We get lots of squirrel in Belgium. Red ones. But they're kinda shy.

lol I think most squirrels are shy Fox. Probably has something to do with everyone and everything are out to get them (cats, people, shaguars, Belgians, etc.) :P However, the other morning, one of the squirrels in my front yard literally ate some bird feed OUT OF MY HAND. I was a bit hesitant b/c they can carry rabies, but he was too sweet to pass up. Thanks for the comment.

in england the grey squirrel is a pest, a desease infected rat with a bushy tail. one bit a friends cat and cat was on 2 lots of antibiotics, vet bill of hundreds, as it was burmese sealpoint.
the red is a lovely clean squirrel and treathened surviver in just a few pockets of the country, with special steps taken to protect it

That's the thing about squirrels...

They're nuts. (rimshot) Thank you, very much.

lol I'll give you that. Better work on your material though if you are going to contend!

I'm going international with this material, baby! Say, speaking of International, what is up with that Airline food... ::Dodges tomato from the audience::

lol when I first read the line you were having a date with squirrels, my head jumped to you sitting in a posh restaurant having a candlelit dinner opposite a squirrel. My second thought was, is this your way of telling me your on drugs?...having fully read it I now realise it is neither, so personally I rather like picturing you having a date with a squirrel, makes the world that bit more interesting..and it certainly would be random

Yup sorry to disappoint, but no drugs needed to find this iota of happiness :)

Everyone loves a stage... Even squirrels. Bet they giggle amongst themselves, point to you and say, "There he is again. Let's make it good, fellas," just before they race up the tree ;-)

lol probably so!

Funny. Where I used to live there were what I swear the same birds that would come every morning. A blue one who was always angry and mean, 2 red ones, and several really cute little brown ones.

I'm in agreement - I think these animals find a place where they feel comfortable (and safe) and return to the well time and time again. What type of birds were they? Bluejays?

Ha!! I have them in my yard too....they like to scale the side of the house, and peek in my windows...(pervs!!)

Pfft...can you blame 'em?! You have the best homemade cookies in the neighborhood!

I have some across the road from me that are always chasing each other...looks like they're having a blast though!

lol no doubt. These squirrels are almost obese from all the nuts available to them (I have tons of nut bearing trees). Thanks!