This Is The Story Of A Girl (part 3.. Long Awaited!)

Hi people! this is the third part in my little montage of rants and rambles, anywhos let's catch up with Bertha, in part two Bertha was still having a rough time with guys.. and now? Still the same. In fact Bertha has started to see a reoccuring theme when it comes to being.. a third wheel. No one likes to be a third wheel especially time after time while with the same friend her best friend at that, let's call her Wanda. Bertha was always outshined by Wanda, and Wanda didnt let her forget it. In fact last summer Wanda started hanging out with a boy from Bertha's high school at first the three of them would just hang out, but then Wanda and the boy started going out and the boy proved to be bad news, all the same Wanda chose him over Bertha even though Bertha was the one who was there for her. Then it happened a third time that Bertha was the third wheel, but this time it was different, Bertha and Wanda both liked the same guy, but the difference was that Wanda wanted to do the dirty with him while Bertha was not ready to do that just yet (for multiple reasons) but just wanted a mere kiss. And who did this boy choose you ask? Well Wanda of course. Even after Bertha had told Wanda ahead of time she liked him. Does Bertha have resentment againest Wanda? Yes. Does she wish she would have left when she had the chance? Yes. It even made Bertha feel bad about herself but then she thought to herself, it's not worth harping over something as frivelous as that, the boy obviously wasn't the one for her, she shouldn't have to change her views or the way she looks to fit the needs of another person or compete with someone. If someone is meant to be with another it should just come naturally. And Bertha has learned to accept herself for who she is flaws and all. And I propose everyone of you who reads this do the same if you haven't already, accept yourself. Because you have to love yourself before you love another. :)
Kryptonite3 Kryptonite3
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013