It's Time For the show of amazingly pointless things about me!

I sing in a band,

I write about three songs a week,

I work in a convience store,

I'm about to go out to the pub,

I own a faux leather jacket from the kids section of H+M,

I only ever wear red nail polish,

I have a plastic dinosaur on my desk(his name is lovely and you can see him in my picture page!)

My cell phone is a motorola,

I have a large tatto of a rose on my left arm,

subsequently, i'm left handed,

There's a guy that comes into my store that I like, he told me his name and we shook hands and talked, now I'm starting to think he might like me too,

I won't leave the house without lipstick on. FACT.

I'm going camping to John O' Groats(the furthest point in Scotland) in two weeks.

I listen to music for about four hours a day,

One of the best dreams I've had involved Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki :)

My sister has OCD.

When I was 16 i had Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

My best friend is a guy and it's true, you can be friends with a guy without having a crush on them.

I am currently listening to "Float on" by Modest Mouse.

I watch American Infomercials because I find them hilarious(my favourite one is Gem Magic!)

My Aunt is getting married in a week.





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very interesting in a boring way?

hmmm very interesting...