25 Things About Marcus101

25 Random Things about Marcus101:

1. My best friends are James (my best friend from high school) and my love, snowbunny1002.

2. In public school, I competed in a televised (on local community television) final of a multiple-round Monopoly contest for students in grades 4-6. 

I played against two other opponents, an older girl in the sixth grade (I was in the 5th), and my math teacher, who organized the contest. 

And no, I didn't win.  But it was a LOT of fun, and I had to gamble very hard and tough to even make it past the first round of the contest.

3. I am born of English parents (one from Croydon, the other from London/Sussex). 

We went back to the UK when I was 7 to see if we could take a stab at returning to the homeland. 

My parents were disappointed when things didn't work out, but I was happy to come back to Canada and continue going to school with my friends.

4. I (foolishly) keep expecting politicians and other leaders of note to live up to their word, even though I know that a significant portion of them are spin-doctors.

5. I have always been intrigued by human- as well as computer-based-communications. 

In university, I wanted to write a paper summarizing the current academic state of both philosophies as my 4th year thesis, and a possible MA thesis run-up, but had the topic dismissed as "too simplistic".

6. In my early 20s, I befriended a hippie bookseller in Northern California, and read his many Sci-Fi and other goofy books via a monthly catalog he mailed out to me every two months. 

I had to say it was gratifying ordering books from the same person that sold items to writers such as Stephen King, Bruce Sterling, and Lucius Shepard.

7. After I finished university, I wrote book reviews for the Ottawa XPress free arts broadsheet magazine, and got paid nyet.

Only one review/interview, that of William Gibson's book, Virtual Light, was printed, though I enjoyed meeting Evelyn Lau and a few other journalists and authors. 

NOTE: This article is still available on the Internet, even today, and I am always impressed that it has managed to linger in its little corner of Gibsonesque history for so long.

8. After university, I worked selling cellular telephones and in bookstores.

9. As a chlld and as a young adult, my dreams of who I wanted to be when I grew up bounced around from wanting to be:

a baseball player,
a fireman,
a spy,
a professional table-tennis, pool, or darts player,
a journalist,
a space-faring, or space-base wandering astronaut,
a super-hero,

and also, a writer...one day, maybe...;)

10. I have always had a fear of deep water from nearly drowning at age four.  I was saved at the last minute, but that experience still haunts me.

11. I have used James G. Nourse's books to solve Rubik's Cubes, Pyraminxes, Barrels, and all manner of cubic puzzles.  My record for solving the standard 3x3 Rubik's Classic Cube is 47 seconds.  I have solved many conventional brain-teasers and puzzles, such as Hi-Q, myself.

12. I conquered my fear of heights and flying in airplanes, by watching two films: Remo Williams and The Matrix, and also by the use of statistics.

13. I understand physics much better now than I did in high school, and often wish I could take math and physics again, knowing that such topics now matter relatively little in terms of whether or not I will be successful. 

Not caring about something allows one the luxury of being able to genuinely do well, and maybe even enjoy the subject a little. 

14. I had very poor, unforgiving, and cruelly misunderstanding math teachers in high school. 

They all thought I didn't deserve to be an honour student, even though I busted my *** off in a wide range of other subjects, such as biology, economics, english, and business.

15. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 13, learn to swim until I was 10, and learn to drive a car until I was nearly 23.  I guess I'm a late bloomer, in more ways than one...;)

16. I have always surmised that to succeed in this world, you need, at a minimum, a drivers' license and a credit card. 

Unfortunately, that assumption is still true.

17. I can sing, and have always sung, since about the age of 11 or 12, first as a tenor, then later, at 13/14, when my voice broke, leaving me in the lower-end of the bass range.

That, luckily, was encouraged by some very caring and knowledgeable teachers in middle school and high school. 

I sung in my first adult choir at 18, but had to quit when I went to university. 

10 years passed and I returned at age 29, but found mixed SATB a bit tepid for my taste.  I guess I just wanted a different challenge.

At 31, I joined the Barbershop Harmony Society (then SPEBSQSA), and my voice range and technique is better than it has ever been.

I can honestly say I intend to sing as a barbershopper for life. 

I have participated in (and won) district contests, and have competed on the international Barbershop stage with my chorus, and there is no experience like it. 

It's like the Olympics of singing, and much more satisfying than any form of Canadian or American Idol will ever be for me.

18. I have sung karaoke, and badly.  I don't think there is anyone who really takes it seriously, and if so, they need more liquor.

19. I am a diabetic, Type I (insulin-dependent) and have been since the age of 18.  For 20 years I have managed this disease, and I do just fine.

20. I am a child of the 1970s and 1980s. 

On Television, I grew up watching Adam-12, Hogan's Heroes, Battle of the Planets, Star Blazers, Doctor Who, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Match Game, Vision On, Welcome Back Kotter, The Six Million Dollar Man, Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica (the first one), Star Trek, Masterpiece Theatre, Alas Smith and Jones, Alexei Sayle, Merrie Melodies, The A-Team, Miami Vice, Friday Night Videos, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider (the first).

For movies, I cut my teeth on Star Wars, (was nearly 7 when the first came out in 1977), Flash Gordon, Blade Runner, Firefox, Outland, Back to the Future, Lawrence of Arabia, Fantasia, E.T., The Last Starfighter, The Black Hole, Top Gun, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Roger Moore (as well as watching older Connery films) as James Bond, most notably in Moonraker and a View to a Kill.

21. I am a Canadian and have watched, if not studied closely, Canadian federal party politics since I was 6. 

22. I am vehemently opposed to all forms of so-called "mercy" weaponry, particularly Tasers, which can only be classified as potentially deadly weapons, given that they administer a 50,000 volt charge, presumably to "stun" suspects. 

When the chore of restraining human beings is dealt to guns, machines, and robots, instead of other human beings, then we have truly failed as a society.

22a. Irony #1: I personally know people in power who can influence the direction of such weapon policies in this country.  I don't talk about it with them, though.

23. I live to eat chicken.  BBQ, deep-fried, nuggets, strips, chunks, if you have it, you'd better hold on to it, or be prepared to fight me for it, because it will disappear if you leave it unwatched for more than a second.

24. I love to wear Terra brand Boots.  Comfortable in both cold and mild weather, with a sturdy construction and the grim satisfaction of a durable and hefty (if needed) steel-toe, they are CSA approved and should be classified as required clothing for harsh winters in this country.

25. I love watches and clocks.  If I won the lottery, part of my winnings would be spent on getting some of the most lurid and expensive models that  Omega, Rolex, Tissot, and Patek Philippe could afford me.

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Indeed, there is nothing quite like it, feelingroovy...:)

A barbershopper....that's really cool! Nothing like perfect harmony.

They are random items, hon...<br />
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Besides, there is always room for another 25 more...<br />
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Very interesting...although I noted just a few things were missing ;)