I don't like dresses or skirts
Love jogging bottoms and short hair cuts
Not big on sex don't know what the big deal is
Learning keyboard at moment imagine john Lennon and if I ever get my head round it bed of roses
I like singstar
I can sing bed of roses in Spanish
I play gta5 online on my own
I am going to try to learn to read music
I'm trying to learn this aint a love song in Spanish half way there to be honest
I have no goals in life everyone I make someone shoots it down and I can't seem to find my feet again
Like Jon bon jovi
Changed my name via deed pol
Fought through depression physical abuse
Rape and sexual abuse and I'm still standing sorry people that treated me bad I'm still here
Lol still standing just about mobility problems with back on 1500 mg gabapentin a day no family no friends no life no husband and still striving through life I'd love to write to a soldier don't know why but it would be an experience I am losing inches to feel slightly fitter
I'd give up on life today but the only thing that keeps me striving is the ones that did me wrong you know who you are would win and there for I'm ha ha excuse the pun again I'm still standing just
romantic2012 romantic2012
Aug 29, 2014