March Break '09, Let's Party Baby.

So I know that writing this is going to make a whole lot of people judge me, but I had a fun night.
Last night a ton of kids from my school attended the March Break party we've all been looking forward to. Obviously there was alcohol among other things, and maybe I drank too much. I'm pretty sure I made out with three people, excluding the boy I went with.
I also left with a completely different guy who happens to be my ex's bestfriend. But we were having a great time, and the walk after we got kicked out was so much better. Just me, him, and four of our bestfriends.
It was supposed to be the best party of the year, and some will probably say it wasn't considering his parents broke it up, but I have to disagree with them, I had a blast.

I'm not usually a dating type person as I'm sure you've guessed, and I don't tend to fall for people. I usually just have my fun, and walk away like it was just good fun.
But this one's different, I can feel it. And oddly, he makes me out of my mind excited over just little things.
I'm not good at describing my feelings and things like that, and I usually use a song to help me.
For once, I've found the perfect possible set of lyrics as soon as I started thinking without even changing my mind.
There's no other way to describe it, "you've got my head spinning, heart beating out of my chest."
& it's true baby (L).

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ah, it would be fun to be young, sexy and slutty.