20 Random Things About Me

My 20 random facts that i can think of right now....


1. I'm a serial sleeper

2. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac

3. I suffer with chronic migraines

4. I finally got rid of Myspace and Facebook

5. I used to have a Magpie as a pet. I appropriately called her Maggie

6. The oldest person i have a crush on is Michael Douglas

7. My 'dead celebrity' crush is Cary Grant

8. My female crush is Kelly Brook

9. I've owned a journal for 10 years and have written in it once every year (i've meant to write in it every day)

10. I love stickers and stick them to anything and everything.

11. I own 1,040 DVDs and 34 Blu-Ray movies... and still going.

12. I've had 45 pets in 21 years

13. I'm a girl who hates shopping

14. I prefer winter to summer

15. I'm the first one to queue up for animated films at the cinema (disney pixar and dreamworks films)

16. For 8 years i have only been single for a total of 6 months (thats the time added up in between all relationships i've had)

17. My favourite character of all time is Betty Boop

18. My non-selfish supernatural ability would to be able to heal people

19. My selfish supernatural ability would to be able to turn invisible. That's the most naughtiest one there is lol

20. (my most random fact) i produce milk lol i'm not pregnant and never have been but it just leaks out!

SammyCymru SammyCymru
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

apparently its just my hormones reeking havoc lol bu yeah they've told me it happens. I loved all my pets and yes its a bit mad that i've had so many