Hmm. Let's See.

I love to read, specifically romance, specifically christine feehan & sherrilyn kenyon.

I have been learning spanish for almost 6 years & I still can't carry out a conversation.

I'm Egyptian but don't speak Arabic well-I'm a disgrace.

I love fashion but it's not something you can tell from my wardrobe.

 I'm constantly bored and restless with my life; I'm always looking for something new and exciting.

I think I'm a worthless person.

I've never been in a real relationship.

Never had a kiss.

I never had a friend who didn't leave.

I have binge eating disorder and I battle it everyday of my life.

SecretlyUnhappy SecretlyUnhappy
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Thank you. =)<br />
To be honest, the descriptive parts are one of my favorites. ;D

I like to read also. Sometimes I get a little nervous when reading romantic novels because they are sometimes really um I don't know "descriptive" hhaha.<br />
<br />
I thought I'd share that since you shared so much.<br />
<br />
Your not worthless.